Thermal night vision

Do you wish that you could see in the dark? Or do you often wonder how night vision goggles work? Are you skeptic of the goggles that help people see in the dark, especially in movies? Here is what you need to know about night vision.


Night Vision


Human beings simply can’t see in the dark. Their eyes just aren’t meant to see in the absence of light. Of course there are creatures that are adept at seeing in the dark, such as cats and armadillos. This can be attributed to the fact that they have more cones than rods. Cones are the cells that are responsible for detecting movement in the dark.

Technology can however help to improve your night vision. Basically, there are two types of technologies for this purpose: image enhancement and thermal imaging.

Image enhancement works by detecting even the slightest of light rays and then amplifying them. Such light rays are usually invisible to the human eye. However, the devices with image enhancement technology can still pick them up and amplify them to produce images that are visible by the human eye. But what happens when even the faintest of these rays cannot be seen?

Unlike image enhancement technology, thermal night vision uses heat emitted by bodies or machines to detect their presence. This can come in real handy where there are no light rays to be detected.


How does Thermal Night Vision Work?


Every living being or machine radiates heat in the form of infrared rays. These rays are not visible to the naked human eye, but they can be picked up using specific equipment. Thermal night vision goggles detect the infrared rays emitted by animals or machines then project them onto a screen to form an image that can be seen by the human eye.


The Uses of Thermal Night Vision




When hunting at night, discretion is of utmost importance. Waving a flashlight as you go is the easiest way to send prey scampering for refuge. In order not to alert potential prey of your presence, you should consider using thermal night vision goggles. These help you to see quite a distance without alerting prey of your presence.


2.Fire Rescue


Fire fighters also use thermal night vision goggles in order to detect the presence of people in burning buildings. This helps them to save people more quickly, as well as to move on from buildings where there are no people trapped.


3.Military Operations


When carrying out military operations at night, it is exceedingly important for people to be able to see well in the dark, and still not alert their enemies of their presence. Thermal night vision glasses make this possible. The glasses can also help detect the presence of machines that could be potentially dangerous to soldiers.


There is no doubt that the invention of thermal night vision goggles is one of the most brilliant inventions. These glasses make what was once impossible a possibility. They can come in real handy in various occasions. For instance, if you want to catch some deer at night, thermal night vision goggles can make your hunting expedition more successful. Try them today to experience the benefits for yourself.