What is The Best Night Vision Monocular?

Decent night vision is an essential that lacks in human beings.There is a need for some enhancement by using night vision monocular tools . However, this technology is of use to people in particular professions such as the military and law enforcement.


Camping is an exercise that most of us take pride in.While camping at night we move up and down and thus the need for an enhanced night vision.Fishermen are also entitled to a night vision, this is so because they carryout their economic activity at night.

Night Vision Monocular Comparison Chart

        Pulsar Quantum Lite Thermal Monocular


Its uses range from tracking and sensing heat signatures of close to 875 yards away. This attribute makes it perfect for law administration, hunting, personal security and rescue operations. It is made of up of some features that make it ideal for its purpose. These features include an improved 2 second startup time and a convenient programmed shut off style that saves time. Besides, it has a stable exterior power supply that powers it on a daily basis. An established 384 by 288 resolutions with a nice 50Hz refresh rate to send out crispy thermal images to a higher detailed 640 by 480 AMOLED display is served to it.With its high image frequency,one is able to use the thermal camera with dynamism. To ensure image clarity and thorough imaging ,there is 17um pixel pitch alongside multiple color viewing modes.This night vision monocular has a flawed pixel overhaul feature and it goes together with a physical ,programmed and semi automatic adjustment modes.Finally, its control buttons locations have been customized to offer comfort while using it.


-Multiple color viewing modes


-Automatic shutoff


-Defective pixel repair feature


-No drawbacks found.


         Bushnell Equinox Z Digital



In case you are looking for an outstanding visual precision,a matchless field of view and final illumination then Bushnell Equinox is your night vision monocular. It contains quality features such as efficient video recording that also allows one to zoom in and out images to get a wider view and thus getting finer details.It is also able to capture motionless images onto the microSD or convey them through the available video out cable.This type of Night vision monocular has a durable battery and housing. It permits you allows to cut on frequent maintenance costs. Fortunately, it is having a water-resistant housing keeping it free from damages caused by water. Last but not least, the Bushnell Equinox Z Digital is made of a more charged digital NIV technology that allows proper work execution.With the 6 by 50mm Equinox Z model you will be able to view from a distance of upto 1000 feet using assist beam from infrared illuminator.The 4.5 by 40mm Equinox Z just gives provision of 750 feet observing distance.The 3 by 30mm allows one to enjoy a viewing distance of up to 500 feet.However, there is no doubt that the Bushnell Equinox Z Digital is one of the best night vision monocular.That you can tell from its features.


-Multicoated glass objectives


-Rugged water-resistant housing


-Video out capability


-Tripod mountable


-On/Off switch too close to other buttons




      Firefield Night Vision Monocular



At a retail price of $220 or €185 this lens delivers. It is a hand held night monocular with a built in infrared illuminator, a comfortable slip free grip and offers a wide angle of view. The Generation 1 intensifier tube has a resolution of 36 lines per millimetres and a pulse illuminator that emits at light of 805 nm wavelength, exceeding the visible spectrum. This feature allows you to remain unseen while still illuminating your target and make observation all the while in complete darkness. With an extra 15 degrees wide angle view, 5 times magnification and 50 mm objective to increase the quantity of light gathered, the viewing experience using this lens is way above the usual. This monocular also brings with it convenience features such as a rubberised ribbed texture on the objective cup that allows rotation from infinity to a minimum of 3.3 degrees and the dioptre adjustment allows you to fine tune your viewing. It is also water resistant rated IPX4; the slender design makes it comfortable for one handed use and dexterity is improved as the buttons are easy to access. The monocular comes bundled with a hand strap, a carrying case and a cleaning cloth. The monocular is also light and can easily be carried around as it weighs at 431g. Other good news is that the runtime is approximately 20 hours maximum with IR and 72 hours without IR all on 2x AA batteries.With its features it standsout as one of the best night vision monocular in the market.



-Ergonomic design


-Large objective lens


-Rubber-armored housing


-Built-in infrared illumination


-Difficult to focus


-It needs  IR illuminator  for real night vision


      Pulsar Digiforce 860RT



This type of night vision monocular is made of a matte black finish and weighs 1.8 ounces. It has a battery life of approximately 4.5 to 6 hours. The field of view is .6 degrees and resolution is capped at 640x480. This monocular is furnished by an 805 nm LED IR illuminator and a three stage power modification. This IR illuminator is very convenient when the levels of the natural light are insufficient and thus the need to improve the quality of observation. The monocular can achieve a range of over 275 yards because of the improved radar sensitivity and magnification boosted by the intense light transmission lens. The Digiforce 860RT supports Stream Vision technology which comprises of a union of the hardware and softwareware, allowing users to link the NV monocular by both Android AND iOS running mobile devices via Wi-Fi channels. This enables the user to obtain images coming from the Digiforce in real time, manage files, update the software and operate the monocular. The highlight of this feature is that the video taken via the monocular can be transmitted YouTube.

The Digiforce has a recorder that allows video shooting and capturing of images simultaneously during observation. The photo and video files are saved to the internal memory and can be transferred to a PC/Laptop. The unit has a basic magnification of 6.5x as well as 2x digital zoo. Image quality remains high even at a maximum 13x magnification because of the high res electric components.

The monocular comes with a wrist strap, carrying case, micro USB Cable and tripod adapter.These are some of the features that make it a preffered choice for many monocular users.


-Adjustable power for built-in IR illuminator


-Battery and external power flexibility


-Ultra-sensitive cmos sensor


-Onboard video and sound recording



-Too heavy to be mounted