Night Owl Pro Nexgen Night Vision Binocular 






 -High quality and decently priced

-Long viewing range 

-Provides detailed and bright images even in the dark

-Large 5mm objective lenses and decent FOV (field of view)

-Easy-to-operate single focusing wheel

-Easy-grip nonslip rubberized housing

-Durable housing and impact resistant lens


-May be a little challenging to mount on a tripod

-the battery is expensive

-Operating the focusing wheel initially may not feel very smooth

With a magnification of 5X, the Night Owl Pro Nexgen Night Vision Binocular (5x) stands out as among the powerful units on the market. This suits it for a variety of applications such as hunting, boating, fishing, scouting, camping, hiking, surveillance, wildlife observation and much more. It has a 50mm objective lens with good light absorption for clear views. The anti-reflective coating helps in absorbing maximum light particularly in the dark or at night and also minimizing reflections or glare.

The Night Owl Pro Nexgen binocular is among the simplest to operate and this is credited to the single focusing wheel. Moving the two lenses is as easy as turning the wheel which happens fairly smoothly. The control is well placed for easy reach and is very precise for good performance. And just as it looks, the unit feels pretty solid and should handle the rugged outdoors and frequent use fairly well. 

The binocular can cover a distance as far as 125 yards, which is quite impressive. It has a FOV of 53 feet at a 200 feet distance or 15 degrees and provides good clarity even in minimal lighting. The powerful IR illuminator comes handy in the night and will give bright images even in complete darkness. It comes in a columniated design for better performance and maintains its good vision for a long time thanks to the high-quality engineering.

The ocular and all objective lenses are not only powerful and provide good magnification, but are not affected by blur, distortion or clouding. They work well in wet and dry conditions and are easy to clean and maintain. It is based on generation 1 technology which is known for good magnification, clarity, and views. This is probably the reason it remains a top choice for many people, both experienced and novices.

The solidly-built unit features an impact-resistant material that can bear the shocks, vibration, bangs, knocks, and impacts. It also has a rubberized finish for better grip while the matte finish gives it a professional and trendy appeal. Using the binoculars in light showers or with sweaty or wet hands shouldn’t be an issue. However, the accessory shouldn’t be submerged in water or operated in a heavy downpour. 

It has a long-lasting battery that will provide as many as 80 hours. This is however dependent on how often you use the IR illuminator. The end caps and eyecups feel smooth to the skin and won’t cause any abrasion, reddening or leave any marks especially after long usage. For extra comfort and convenience, the device features a padded neck strap whereas the quick release mechanism improves functionality.