Firefield FF25023 Tracker Night Vision Binocular 




-Excellent night vision

-High-quality resolution and image

-Good infrared illumination

-Good size and weight

-Ergonomic and compact design

-Long-lasting battery

-The binocular doesn’t come with a battery

-They aren't suitable for very bright sunlight

-Finding the right headgear is a bit of a challenge

There are many night vision binoculars readily available in the market. As a matter of fact, you probably will be overwhelmed by the numerous choices. The truth is that the wide selection together with stiff competition has made it easy to find a product and also made the prices more affordable. However, picking a good product form the hundreds of items isn’t easy. To help you in your selection, we decided to review the Firefield FF25023 Tracker Night Vision Binocular, 2 x 24, which is among the common choices.

Measuring 9.2 x 7 x 4 inches, this binocular from Firefly fits nicely on the hands. It features a non-slip textured surface for minimizing slippage when wet and also improved comfort. Just like other leading types, this unit is also manufactured using high-quality materials for extra strength and durability. The unit should serve you nicely in different situations whether hiking, camping, fishing, animal watching, scout expedition, and hunting. It’s also very portable thanks to its weight of fewer than 1.6 pounds.

The powerful IR illuminator works together with two independent 1st Generation Intensifiers to enhance visibility in the dark. According to most consumers, the unit has among the best coverage in the market. The dual tube design has better depth perception compared to the normal types while the battery can run for as many as 72 hours if the IR isn’t activated. It optimizes the limited or no light and this not only improves visibility but also reduces eye strain.

The Firefield FF25023 Tracker 2 x 24 Binocular has a magnification of 2X and 24mm Objective Lenses. It has good clarity and is not affected by shadowy or blurred images. Additionally, the images remain clear even in a long distance such as 100 yards and this makes tracking objects or targets easier. The 30-degree angular FOV (Field of View) improves the coverage whereas the Center Focusing improves functionality and convenience. 

The casing features rubberized thumb pads for a better hold and has a knurled design that works well with any kinds of fingers or hands, both small and large. The menu buttons are situated on the top for quick, easy and convenient reach. It includes two flip-out covers for protecting the lenses from sharp objects, dirt, dust, moisture and other things.

Carrying the night vision binoculars isn’t a problem thanks to the handy neck strap, portable design, and lightweight. The body is contoured for a nice hold whereas the included cleaning kit simplifies lens cleaning. It is rated IP65 and should remain effective in light showers or in moist conditions.


There you have it- a review of the Firefield FF25023 Tracker binocular. We focused on the crucial features which included visibility, magnification, viewing ease, adjustability, portability, durability, construction quality, reliability and affordable. The FF25023 tracker binocular has a wide field of view, excellent night vision, well built, portable, and water resistant and is ergonomically designed. The downsides are that it doesn’t come with a battery, finding the support headgear may be a challenge and isn’t designed for very brightly sunlight.

Taking all things into consideration, the Firefield FF25023 tracker night vision binocular, 2 x 24 is worth buying.