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Night Vision Binoculars Comparison Chart

Preview Complete Review Magnification Weight Amazon Price

ATN Binocular

4-16x 1.8 lbs.
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PERRINI Day/Night Binocular

30x50 N/A

Bushnell 260501

4x 50mm 2.5 lbs.
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Bestguarder NV800

3.5-7X 1.68 lbs.

Vortex Diamond back

10x 24.4 oz.
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Bestguarder Digital Night Vision

3.5-7 2.91 lbs.
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Sightmark Ghost Hunter

2x 14.1 oz.
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Night Owl Pro Nexgen

5x 2.42
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Bestguarder WG-80

1-5x 3.46

Firefield FF25023

2x 21.2 oz.

                       Top Night Vision Binoculars This Year

ATN BinoX-HD 4-16x

Designed to offer you the best viewing, the ATN BinoX-HD 4-16x will provide amazing viewing during the day or at night. They are ideal for traveling, hunting, bird watching, butterfly watching, hiking, animal watching, surveillance and much more. This is credited to their versatile nature and design that makes them perfect for different situations and are also suitable for both seasoned as well as newbies.

The pair of binoculars is made from a tough material and features a solid construction to bear the impact of knocks, bangs, falls, abrasion and the vibrations and shocks as well. They are very portable and lightweight and carrying them inside a backpack, on the chest via the neck and in other places is easy. This is enhanced by the strap that easily goes around the neck and can be adjusted to suit varied requirement. The textured surface improves handling and prevents them from slipping or falling even with wet hands or moist environment.

The Smart binoculars relay the images in high definition to provide clear vision even in the dark or at night. This is quite handy especially for hunters who don’t want to miss a target. The superior E-zoom effects bring the objects nearer whereas the 3D gyroscope and quality lens minimizes blurs or shadowy images. For improved viewing and performance, the binoculars feature a built-in Smart Rangefinder that will assist you to calculate the distance without undermining the quality of the images.

Chances of getting lost or wandering off too far are minimized by the built-in E-compass whereas the Wi-Fi functionality allows you to stream the videos or share with other people. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices and also supports many apps.

-Very clear blur-free images

-Good zooming and focusing

-Suitable for many applications

-Easy to record the happenings

-Excellent daytime color

-Good weight and solid construction


-The unit is not the lightest in its class

-The night vision isn’t super great

-The lithium batteries don’t last very long

Vortex Optics Diamondback Binoculars


The Vortex brand has been around for quite some time and is well-known for producing quality binoculars. The Diamondback version is not only a top seller from the brand but in the market as well. It’s designed for beginners, tactical adventurers, and also professionals. The unit is suitable for hunting, tactical expedition, bird watching, hiking, scout trips, and other applications. The simple design makes using it easy even for first-time users whereas the firm grip surface prevents falling or slipping.

The 8 x28 Roof Prism binoculars feature a short hinge design which together with the lightweight improves handling and carrying. It comes with a thumb indent and rubber armor for better handling and extra protection from impact, blogs, bangs as well as the elements. Thanks to the compact design, the binoculars don’t take up lots of space and can easily fit in small spaces. This makes them ideal for backpackers, hikers, or any other person who wants the minimal inconvenience.

It includes fully multi-coated lenses for providing clearer and brighter images because they allow in more light and also minimize reflection. It also provides a wide field of view that improves spotting of objects and also minimizes unnecessary movement. The good viewing is enhanced by the 8x42s which allow more light in and will work perfectly even in low light situations or at night.

The multi-position eyecups can be adjusted for maximum eye relief and improved concentration whereas the diopter on the right eye will accommodate different focal points and strengths. Chances of experiencing pain or discomfort are also reduced. The stylish binoculars are well built from a tough material and can bear falls, impacts, vibrations, bangs pretty well. They feature argon purging for extra resistance from fog, water, cold, sweat and the elements. For added protection especially during movement or storage, the pair comes with a semi-hard neoprene case. 

The knobs are well-placed for quick and easy adjustment of the focus while the sturdy lens cover protects the unit from dust, dirt, moisture and other things. Compared to other binoculars in its class or in the market, the Vortex Optics Diamondback binoculars are much smaller and also lighter. This improves portability since they require minimal carrying or storage space. Nevertheless, despite their small nature, they deliver impressive performance and are also very solidly built.

-Compact design and lightweight

-Solid construction and high-grade materials

-Very rich clear images

-Wide field of view 

-Good design and elegant


-Consumers with large hands find them a little small


Bushnell 260501 Equinox Series 6L




Measuring 9(L) x 8 (W) x 4(H) inches, the Bushnell 260501 Equinox 4 x50 Z Digital binoculars is a popular choice in the market. It is preferred by both beginners as well as experienced users and comes in a practical design for easy use. The unit has been reviewed severally since its launch into the market and is designed for a range of uses including bird watching, animal watching, hunting, tactical drills, hiking, camping and more. Just like other leading units, the digital binoculars aims at improving the viewing of distant objects.

The Equinox Z Digital Binoculars from Bushnell provides good optical clarity for the best vision both day and night. It has a wide field of view for capturing a larger angle and relays the images in super clarity. To record the events, the binoculars have a superior video capturing and rely on 4 AA batteries for power. The built-in NV technology ensures the images and videos are crystal clear whereas the powerful zoom feature brings distant objects very close without distorting the image.

The powerful infrared illumination works great and provides one of the best night vision. This makes the piece very valuable, especially for low-light situations. The lens has a magnification of 4 x 50mm and is easy to adjust. The device has tripod-mounting capabilities for efficient mounting on a stand while the moderately lightweight boosts portability and handling. It measures approximately 3 pounds and the good ergonomic design enhances comfort.

The Bushnell 260501 Equinox Z Night vision digital binoculars have a rugged housing to protect the sensitive internal pieces from harm due to falling, banging, impact, and exposure to the elements. The sturdy case is resistant to breakage, cracking, warping, stain or discoloration. It maintains its good looks and reliability for a long time even after continuous exposure to the rugged outdoors. The housing is also water and moisture resistant and this prevents the buildup of moisture or blurred vision due to misting or cloudiness affecting the lens.


-High-quality materials and durable design

-Solid construction and high-grade materials

-Good night vision and wide area of view

-Good size and weight

-Ergonomic design, compact and portable

-Sturdy casing and stylish


-The binoculars are a little heavy compared to some of its rivals

-The description isn’t very detailed 

Bestguarder NV800 7X31mm Digital IR Night Vision Scope/Binocular


This binocular offers you 11 different languages and this makes it suitable for a wide array of users. Selecting the preferred option is not only easy but also straightforward. The accessory has one of the largest viewing screens on the market and this minimizes the strain that is usually experiencing when trying to focus on an object. The smooth finish on the eye feels nice and cozy to the eyes whereas the lightweight enhances its portability.

Thanks to its large 4-inch view screen and large viewing angle, you can easily identify a target with minimal movement. This is enhanced by the superior convex lens that captures maximum light and focuses it on the intended object. It has a screen resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and a wide dynamic range for maximum optical clarity. The built-in 3-watt 850NM Infrared Illuminator can cover as far as 400m/ 1300ft making it a good choice for people who use binoculars in the night or in low-light environments. During the day, you can turn off the IR function for the best clarity.

It’s made from sturdy materials to endure the rough outdoors, everyday use, the elements, impacts, bangs and more. The included cloth helps to keep the lens clean while the bag protects the binoculars and also improves movement and storage. The device is suited for camping, wildlife observation, night hunting, cave exploration, search & rescue, boating, night fishing, security & surveillance, scouting, nighttime show, scenery observation, bird watching and much more.

It can cover a long distance and still deliver utmost clarity thanks to the advanced zoom and lens. According to the manufacturer, the unit will enable you to view objects that are as far as 300 yards. What’s more, you will be able to clearly see them without any clouding or blurs. You can also videotape the occurrence thanks to the built-in in recording and memory function. Later on, you can view the stored images or videos via a PC, laptop, or tablet.


-Works great and good quality

-Simple user interface and easy to operate

-Good coverage and distance

-Super large viewing screen

-Comfortable to the eye


-The night vision is not super clear

-The unit is a little heavier than some of its close competitors

-Takes some time to get used to it

PERRINI Day/Night 30x50 Powerful Military HI-DEF HD Binoculars


Searching for the best day & night binoculars? These powerful binoculars are probably what you are looking for. They are well made for the outdoors and have a large coverage to cater for most everyday application. The military-styled accessory is made from sturdy materials to tolerate the knocks, shocks, impact, vibration, abrasion as well as the elements. They come in practical design for easy use and can be used for camping, hunting, hiking, bird watching, animal observation, night fishing, tactical operations and boating among other activities.

It measures 7x7 x2.5 inches and should easily fit in small spaces including a backpack. It’s also easy to carry by hand or wear around the neck thanks to the lightweight and compact design. These binoculars come with a cleaning cloth for improved viewing, a sturdy carry case for protecting the unit when carrying or during storage, and UV protection. And with a field of view of 357feet/1000 yards or 119m/1000m, you won’t struggle to see distant objects. In fact, many consumers say that it’s among the top when it comes to the FOV. For improved portability, the accessory has adjustable carry straps.

The HI-DEF binoculars capture images and videos in high clarity thanks to the high resolution and zoom. Changing the focus or angle of view is relatively easy even for a first timer courtesy of the simple well placed control buttons. The device features a water-resistant casing that protects the internal components from harm such as water, moisture, dust, dirt, sweat, shock, vibrations, or impact. The lens is well protected from dirt and has watertight seams to prevent the entry of moisture.

The PERRINI 30x50 Military grade binoculars feature night proms for quick absorption of light in the dark, this ma improves the night vision. The large eye lens prevents eye strain, especially when viewing distant objects whereas the mulct-coated lens reduces glare. The aluminum body is resistant to corrosion and rust and is also easy to wipe and clean. The rubber casing absorbs shocks and impact on improved functionality while the textured body improves the grip. Cleaning the unit is simple and easy thanks to the seamless design.


-Solid built and durable

-Wide field of view

-Easy zoom and good focus

-High-quality construction and superior performance

-Powerful and reliable

-Corrosion and rust resistant


-The night vision could be improved

-The carry bag is not super sturdy



               Night Vision Binoculars Reviews

Bestguarder Digital Night Vision Binocular




Buyers Rating






Field of View: 9°


Infrared Illuminator: 850NM 3W Infrared LED


Powerful infrared spotlight


Resolution of Screen: 320*2401


300ft /400M viewing range

Sightmark Ghost Hunter Night Vision Binocular




Buyers Rating



lightweight, durable polymer construction


automatic shut-off feature


three-year warranty on the tube


Built in IR illuminator

Night Owl Pro Nexgen Night Vision Binocular




Buyers Rating



Powerful built-in columnated IR illuminator


Minimum focus range: 6.6 feet


Field of view: 200ft at 53ft

Bestguarder WG-80 4X50mm HD Digital Night Vision Binocular



Buyers Rating


4X magnification 


 IPX4 Water resistance; tripod mountable


9 language built-in Menu


Objective focal Distance: 37.5mm


Firefield FF25023 Night Vision Binocular



Buyers Rating


72 hour battery life


Built-in IR infrared illuminator


Ergonomically designed rubberized body


Fully multi-coated glass optics